Customers’ Experience

“I’ve had two clients tell me that they have never had a banking situation where they were more comfortable with what was being presented and the way that it was presented. One guy went so far as to say that he’d been in seven States and had never ever felt as good leaving a bank. He said, ‘Usually I feel like I’ve been buying a used car, and today I feel like somebody really cared about what was good for me.'”

– Branch Manager

“We had a new customer that was so pleased with the help that [banker name] provided that the customer actually sent her flowers and a thank you note for helping her. The customer said she had never had service like that from a bank before.”

– Branch Manager

“One of my bankers had a new client come in today about a mortgage loan. The banker was able to confidently and competently move beyond the rate and sell the total banking package which was 13 products and services. The client was so impressed that he insisted on treating the banker to lunch!”

– Branch Manager

“I’ve actually had clients that have said, ‘What have you done differently? What have you done because we’ve noticed a huge change in the last two months as to how our conversations have gone.’ We have been able to help those existing clients with additional products.”

– Branch Manager

“Since we started this, we’ve have had nothing but great feedback from clients, so that keeps us super motivated and excited.”

– Banker

“Customers love it. We are helping them meet their needs.”

– Banker

Managers’ Experience

“We’re in a changing industry where routine banking transactions are being met more and more by self-service channels. We may not see these clients again, so we need to make the most of our account openings. During the baseline, we were tracking at 3.2 (cross sales at NAOs). And over six weeks we’ve achieved a 2.1 lift. So, it’s just really incredible results! Those 2.1 products are going to increase customer retention and satisfaction.”

“In my entire career, I have never seen anything like this move as quickly in terms of getting results!”

“Yesterday morning I took a banker through the 30-minute orientation process. Then a couple that was new to the bank came in after lunch and the banker had a cross sell of 9. I was blown away! Normally the cross sells for this banker (at NAOs) is 3.5.”

“In five weeks we’ve moved from our baseline (for cross sells at NAOs) of 4.4 to now 6.4 and we are super excited. With new and even our existing clients, we’re making sure that they are taking advantage of everything that we can do to help them reach their financial goals and make banking easier.”

“This is increasing our customer satisfaction scores. It just really sets us apart from all of our competitors at giving top-notch customer service.”

“Bankers know what to say and they are a lot more confident. For example, a couple came in and grilled [banker name] about why they should open their accounts with us. She overcame all the objections they brought up and the couple was really impressed. Cross sell for that new account opening was 9.”

“On Friday I personally handled a brand new client account opening and my cross sell was 5. I’ve been a branch manager for 12 years and I thought I was pretty good, but the ability to translate what is in the Modules into a live presentation really opened my eyes! Doing it myself really showed me how well this process works.”

“I am super excited about the success that we have had! This has given our bankers the confidence to dig deeper with each client, and really feel confident in their responses to clients from beginning to end. Whether it’s a new account opening, or existing customers, this has given them the confidence they need to help improve our client experience by feeling more confident as Financial Service Consultants.”

“The NAO Modules have given me a chance to help each banker enhance their skills. They possess different levels of experience and success, and the Modules easily adapted to each of them. Every banker on my team has seen a lift in their cross-sales, but more importantly their confidence levels have also increased.”

“As I observe my Team, they now handle objections without concern, which is exciting for me, and they are more professional in the responses they give their clients. Getting past that first ‘No’ has become a foregone conclusion, and the branch is profiting from their success.”

Bankers’ Experience

“The customer came into the branch because she had a rate increase and was upset and wanted to close her account. I used the scripting and ended up saving her account, and she also walked away with 6 more products.”

“It has changed my mindset. I don’t see it as a product push. I see it as helping customers. I see it as a way to show customers that we really care by explaining the benefits. For example, I had a new customer and I did a 5-pack. The customer didn’t want online banking and thought it would be too hard. In the past I would have just stopped and said ‘Ok,’ but now I had the confidence to overcome the objection and the customer loves it!”

“The client is new to the area and came into open an account. From checking came overdraft and then a discussion about VISA, at which point she said ‘You’re just trying to sell me something, all I wanted was a checking account!’… My response was right out of the cross-selling program, and I didn’t even feel ‘cheesy’ saying it! It worked! With VISA came payment protection, and I wrapped it all up with online banking and a savings account. I am loving this!”

“We’ve never had something like this. This training is not boring! It is interactive and fun. I like the highlighted words and that we can make it our own. I also like the flexibility to practice again and again. These are the real objections that clients bring up, and the responses show that we are professional.”

“These Modules really help me sharpen my selling skills. In the past I let the client drive the sales process. I was more of an order taker. Now I am driving the process and helping clients to cover more of their needs in each session. I don’t take the first ‘No’ any longer. I also now realize that I was letting my clients down when I didn’t give them the information they need to make better financial choices. The practice with avatars has helped me clearly deliver what I’m trying to say, and it’s so much easier to get all of the products in front of my clients.”

“It’s helped me with my outbound calling as well as in person. Working with the avatars for 15 minutes in the morning, that practice, it really helps! What happens then is that you are saying the scripts without even thinking about it.”

“I honestly LOVE this. I feel like I can handle any objections with these key words and practice!”